Reference Assembly Fix Patch Sequence Alignments (chr8_gl383535_fix)

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Data last updated: 2018-11-07

p12 Note: Includes annotations on GRCh38.p12 patch sequences


This track shows alignments of fix patch sequences to main chromosome sequences in the reference genome assembly. When errors are corrected in the reference genome assembly, the Genome Reference Consortium (GRC) adds fix patch sequences containing the corrected regions. This strikes a balance between providing the most complete and correct genome sequence, while maintaining stable chromosome coordinates for the original assembly sequences.

Fix patches are often associated with incident reports displayed in the GRC Incidents track.

Display Conventions and Configuration

This track follows the display conventions for PSL alignment tracks. Mismatching bases are highlighted in red. Several types of alignment gap may also be colored; for more information, see Alignment Insertion/Deletion Display Options.


The alignments were provided by NCBI as GFF files and translated into the PSL representation for browser display by UCSC.