Obtaining a Commercial License for the Genome Browser

The Genome Browser binaries and source code are freely available for academic, nonprofit, and personal use. A license is required for commercial download and installation of most Genome Browser binaries and source code, with the exception of the items in the following directories that are freely available for all uses:

The data displayed by the browser is freely available for both public and commercial use with a few exceptions. The README.txt file in the download directory of each assembly shows the use restrictions pertaining to that data set. Permission is granted for reuse of all graphics produced by the UCSC Genome Browser website. When using applications from the Genome Browser tool suite or data from the UCSC Genome Browser database in a research work that will be published in a journal or on the Internet, there is no need to get permission from us. However, when you use the UCSC Genome Browser in your work, please cite one of our publications.

To purchase a license visit the Genome Browser store. If you would like to purchase more than 20 copies of the Genome Browser source code, please follow these instructions:

After your license application has been processed, you will receive instructions for downloading the browser software and data. CDs are also available upon request.

Genome Browser licensing inquiries should be made to genome-www@soe.ucsc.edu. For information about commercial licensing of the Blat and In-Silico PCR tools, see the Kent Informatics website or contact kent@soe.ucsc.edu.